We Grow Life-Long “Reach Out and Read”-ers at Keanuenue Pediatrics!

We Grow Life-Long “Reach Out and Read”-ers at Keanuenue Pediatrics!

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Reach Out and Read

We’re super excited to announce that Keānuenue Pediatrics has officially become a Reach Out and Read site!! I’ll tell you more about the amazing program in this newsletter, but we’re so stoked to be partnered with this national program committed to child literacy.

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What is Reach Out and Read?

Reach Out & Read is a nonprofit organization that gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together starting in infancy.


They believe all families should have the tools and information they need to make reading aloud a daily routine. As a newly recognized Reach Out & Read site, Keānuenue Pediatrics has joined a network of other pediatric clinics who’ve committed to purchasing and providing books to give to families at their well-visits in order to promote reading early and often.

Why is reading out loud important?

There’s a LOT of evidence that growing up in a language-rich environment is critical during early childhood. Reading together helps your child learn language and builds powerful, lasting bonds that make them feel loved and secure.


We encourage reading out loud to your child starting in the newborn period. The sooner you get into the habit of reading, the easier it’ll be to establish a life-long love for reading and learning in your child.


Don’t take my word for it … data shows that children who are read to:

  • Have better receptive and expressive language scores
  • Have better recognition of sounds and letters
  • Know a wider range of vocabulary
  • Have increased listening skills
  • Have a better understanding of how stories work

Other benefits of reading out loud include helping to grow your child’s memory and curiosity, fostering their imagination and creativity, and with physical closeness to a loving caregiver, helps them develop a positive association with reading that can endure.


80% of your child’s brain is developed within the first 3 years of life, so reading early and often can provide the attention, nurturing, and stimulation for growing that brain!

What does this all mean?

We want to support your endeavor as a parent to give your child the best possible chance of healthy growth and development! We’re committed to giving your child (and every child) the advantage they need to reach their potential.


So, starting soon, you can expect to receive an age-appropriate book at every well visit in our office from age 6 months through 5 years that you can take home to read to your child, from our ‘ohana to yours. We’re hoping to expand to the newborn period as well!


We believe in you. We believe that small, simple habits like reading and talking aloud to your little one from day one, can make a huge impact on your child’s brain as well as your relationship.

Other News

Dr. Honda & I both received our second dose of the COVID 19 vaccine and are feeling healthy!! The remainder of our team will be receiving their second dose next week!


We updated our ABOUT US page on the website, with some more info about our awesome team. Check it out if you have time!!


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