Our pediatric clinic is comprehensive. But we’re also accessible, modern., friendly. And here for you.

Mind & Body

Your baby’s brain and body will grow exponentially in a short time. We’ll provide the tools you need to support this amazing development.

Family & Community

How your kids relate to you, your family, their friends, and the community forms the basis of their social development. We teach you how to build those relationships.


From the very beginning, your child develops a sense of self, and it’s important to encourage freedom, exploration, confidence, and resilience. We can show you the best way to nurture these essential traits.


The basis of learning and relationships is language. We teach you how to foster language development, communication, and a love for reading from a young age.

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Mom and baby on the beach

Having a baby?

Congratulations!! Our job is to make this incredible journey a little less scary and a lot more manageable. Click below to learn more about our practice and meet the doctors.

Female doctor with stethoscope

Meet Your Pediatrician

If you already have kids and are looking for a pediatrician, we’re happy to chat with you virtually to see if it would be a good fit! Click below to learn more about becoming a patient.

Choosing a Pediatrician is

Hopefully you and your children will see the same pediatrician for many years. We understand it’s a big decision, so here’s some information about what makes working with Keānuenue Pediatrics different.

We’re here for you:

We like being able to communicate with you when you need us. You can text, email, or call if you need our help, even after office hours. If we’re not available, we’ll always arrange for excellent pediatric coverage so you won’t feel stranded when you need help or advice.

We do our best at every visit to anticipate concerns that could arise for your child given their age and stage, preparing you to handle many things that come up! But since every child is unique and won’t always do what we expect, we want you to know that you can reach us if you’re worried.

We’re efficient

We don’t like waiting. At all. So we’re very mindful of anyone else having to wait because of us. We run a tight ship and try to keep our visits as information-packed but efficient as we possibly can.

We’re responsive

No more playing phone tag or talking to three different people before you get to the person you need. We’ve got you.

We love getting to know you

Our office prides itself on making you feel welcome, and we love getting to know you and your family. We want to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and all of your milestones with you! We want you to look forward to coming to see us, because we definitely will have missed you!

We’re progressive and modern

We hate drowning in paperwork, and we hope you do too. If we can leverage technology to make your experience with our office quicker and better (and save the trees), you bet we will!


a stress-free visit.

  • Guidance for all ages, 0 through 21 years
  • Access to informative videos and handouts
  • Secure patient portal to access your child’s health records
  • Securely text and email your doctor for non-urgent issues
  • Call after hours for urgent medical guidance
  • Online scheduling or just text us for an appointment
  • Develop a long-term, trusting relationship with our office and your provider

Exciting News!

E komo mai! Welcome!

We participate in the Reach Out and Read program to encourage early literacy in children!

You can call, text or email to schedule an appointment! 

About Us

Keānuenue Pediatrics is a new pediatric office located in the heart of Honolulu, staffed by four dedicated, well-trained, board-certified Pediatricians, Dr. Alyssa Honda, Dr. Courtney Taum, Dr. Kaily Kuikahi, and Dr. Jasmine Waipa, supported by an experienced team dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for infants, children, and young adults.

Our mission is to serve the families of Hawaiʻi with compassion, evidence-based care, and a commitment to education and prevention.

Pediatric Care

We care for children ages 0 through 21 during scheduled well-child checks and sports physical exams as well as acute visits for illness, injury, and other concerns. We emphasize parental education and preventative medicine in order to help all of our children reach their potential.

Parenting Support

Being a parent and being responsible for raising resilient and respectful humans … how tough is that?!?

We can help you simplify your approach to parenting and stop feeling overwhelmed with all the “shoulds” so you can enjoy the journey!

Happy Patients

Our goal at Keānuenue Pediatrics is that you feel BOTH like youʻre getting the highest quality care from well-trained doctors and staff using the best technology AND like you’re having as much fun as when you visit your favorite aunty’s house.

Dr. Waipa is simply the BEST pediatrician you can find.  She genuinely cares for each of her patients and their families.  She will always go the extra mile to make sure your precious littles will thrive and give parents the tools to be the best they can be for their children.  



Dr. Honda connects with her patients and their families in a way that I rarely see in other physicians. She truly partners with families to provide the patient centered care they need… I would recommend her to all friends and family.



UPDATES: As of May 2024, all new patients who wish to transfer care into our practice will be accepted on a rolling basis when space becomes available. If you're interested, please sign up for our wait list! We hope to be able to care for your family soon :)